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Nespresso ®* Compatible Coffee Capsules by La Molienda LLC

Nespresso Capsules


Premium Espresso Coffee pods.

$34.98 per 60 capsules, equivalent to $0.583 per capsule.

Best * Nespresso ® Coffee Capsules Alternative. 

The World in Your Cup.

As a result of diverse studies carried out, by analyzing tastes and preferences of consumers not only in Europe but also in Latin American countries, we have designed a selection of premium coffees with a variety of profiles to satisfy the most demanding palates. We bring to you: Aroma and Quality, from the original Espresso in the most exclusive atmosphere,  "To Your house and your cup"

Coffee Capsules/Pods.

Our collection of premium coffee pods, represent an alternative to what is already available on the market. Our N-capsule size, is perfectly compatible with the most known brands currently in the market. The main difference is that our coffee pods are filled with the most prestigious and selected coffee formulas. 

Nespresso Coffee Capsules Nespresso Capsules Nespresso Coffee Capsules Ecologica
Nespresso Capsules
Oxo- biodegradable coffee Capsule
  • We develop an organoleptic profile of each coffee to satisfy the most demanding palates
  • Our 5 grams coffee capsule are compatible with the * Nespresso ® machines
  • Our coffee capsule have an exclusive, patented, pressurized water flow system
  • The oxo-biodegradable capsules enable the proper extraction of our carefully selected original coffees, in addition to providing all the full body, aroma and creaminess that characterize our coffees
  • Our convenient packs are designed to preserve all the original properties of the coffee. The coffee capsules are put in vacuum sealed bags, which guarantee 24 months of optimum shelf life.
Coffee Capsules Nespresso 


* Nespresso ® Compatible Coffee Capsules Alternative. 

$34.98 per 60 capsules, equivalent to $0.583 per capsule


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