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Espresso Decaf Coffee Capsules

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Espresso Decaf Coffee Capsule Formula.

decaffeinated coffee

Espresso Decaf Coffee is an excellent arabica, previously decaffeinated using the natural method, with spring water, which perfectly evokes the best arabica with its fine acidity and bitter sweetness. Enjoy quality coffee at any time of the day. Long lasting and pleasant after taste.

$37.80 per 60 capsules, equivalent to $0.63 per capsule

What does Espresso Decaf Coffee Capsule provides? 

Espresso Decaf Coffee provides a long lasting and pleasant aftertaste. This is an excellent arabica coffee, which offers the mild and relaxing experience of a great decaffeinated arabica.

Our Espresso Decaf Coffee is packed on Oxo-Biodegradable Coffee capsules 

The oxo-biodegradable coffee capsules enable the proper extraction of our carefully selected original coffees, in addition to providing the full body, aroma and creaminess that characterize our coffee.

Nespresso Compatible Decaf Coffee Capsules

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Espresso Decaf Coffee Capsules

Espresso Decaf Coffee Capsules

Espresso Forte Coffee Capsules made by La Molienda LLC. 

Espresso Decaf Coffee Capsules Compatible with* Nespresso ® made by La Molienda LLC. 

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